Watercolor Paintings By Thomas Schaller

Watercolors by Thomas Schaller

Art – in whatever medium – is bound to be a feast for the senses, and that is exactly what Thomas Schaller delivers in spades in his series of watercolor paintings depicting various breathtaking scenery in famous places. 

Making use of watercolor, Schaller has managed to bring vivid pictures into life, capturing stillness and beauty on canvas. Gorgeous vistas and views in places such as Italy, Southern California, Greece, and London are wonderfully presented on canvas.

A closer inspection of the paintings would reveal how the artist managed to incorporate his personal identity with his artwork. Before marking success as a watercolor artist, Schaller had a successful career as a design architect and architectural artist in New York City. His stint with architecture spanned more than 2 decades, within which he has firmly established himself on the forefront of architectural illustrators all over the world. Taking his craft a bit further, he moved on to watercolors, and this proved to be a very fulfilling decision, as he had received various recognition and awards for his works. The most notable of them would be his winning the coveted “Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize” TWICE.

Take a look at Thomas Schaller’s art and genius in the images below.

A scene by the docks...

A scene by the docks…

Cityscape from an elevated angle.

Cityscape from an elevated angle.

In a drizzly street. By Thomas Schaller

In a drizzly street.

Crossing a bridge By Thomas Schaller

Crossing a bridge…

A beachside side in sunny South Cali By Thomas Schaller

A beachside side in sunny South Cali.

People and umbrellas By Thomas Schaller

People and umbrellas.

A bridge over untroubled waters By Thomas Schaller

A bridge over untroubled waters.

Take a ride on a gondola By Thomas Schaller

Take a ride on a gondola.

Watch the flags wave By Thomas Schaller

Watch the flags wave.

A busy street echoing the sound of light feet By Thomas Schaller

A busy street echoing the sound of light feet.

Watch your step By Thomas Schaller

Watch your step.

Towers and bridges By Thomas Schaller

Towers and bridges.

Overlooking the ocean By Thomas Schaller

Overlooking the ocean.