Biophilia Collection designed by Ross Lovegrove

Biophilia Collection designed by Ross Lovegrove

VONDOM is known for effectively and elegantly combining technology with functionality in its uniquely-designed and avant-garde products, which range from indoor and outdoor furniture, pots, lamps, and the like.

With every collection they introduce to the market, you can expect them to be pushing the boundaries, straining the limits, but still coming up with superior quality, both in structure and design. Ross Lovegrove is simply one of the many designers Vondom has, and he has recently come up with the Biophilia Collection, which is part of Vondom’s New Collections for 2013.

The Biophilia Collection, designed by Ross Lovegrove, comes in three forms: the Biophilia Sofa, Biophilia Armchair, and the Biophilia Chair. We are going to focus on the Biophilia Chair.

The Biophilia Chair - Vondom's Biophilia Chair

The Biophilia Chair

Quoting Vondom, “The BIOPHILIA Collection explores a new design language that forms a dialogue between time, form and space and combines the pioneering organic design of Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi and VONDOM’s expertise when it comes to advanced roto-moulded technology. This is all in connection with Vondom’s continuous research into the transference of digital process into contemporary design.”

A closer look - Vondom's Biophilia Chair

A closer look.

From the back - Vondom's Biophilia Chair

From the back.


Elegant colors - Vondom's Biophilia Chair

Elegant colors.


Contemporary design - Vondom's Biophilia Chair

Contemporary design.

Also available in other colors - Vondom's Biophilia Chair

Also available in other colors.


Elegance and style, all wrapped up in one classic piece.

Elegance and style, all wrapped up in one classic piece.