The 2010 Peugeot SR1 Concept Car

The 2010 Peugeot SR1 Concept Car

‘Tis true what they say: when you’re down, there is no other way but up. When you’re wrong, there’s no other thing to do but get it right. And that seems to be what Peugeot is clearly demonstrating, if the revelation of the 2010 Peugeot SR1 Concept Car is anything to go by.

At first glance, it may not look like your typical Peugeot, but who wants the typical and usual one, when you can have it better? This two-door Grand Tourer is said to be the precursor of Peugeots in the very near future, and that declaration has been made by the design director himself, Gilles Vidal. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

It seems that the SR1 shows a Peugeot that is much lighter and definitely nimbler. Heft and bulk is nowhere to be seen, replaced by a sculpted bonnet and a low center of gravity, lending a more realistic feel to its front end. With sweeping sides and lowing wings, it boasts of a metalwork that is simultaneously elegant and stylish.

Peugeot SR1 - A more realistic front end.

A more realistic front end.

Peugeot SR1 - Sweeping sides and flowing wings.

Sweeping sides and flowing wings.

You would no doubt appreciate the contoured panels of the doors of the SR1. In addition, the chiseled rear design adds to the impression of lightness. In place of usual headlights are impressive LED headlights, adding to that sense of power when one is behind the wheel.

Peugeot SR1 - Contoured door panels.

Contoured door panels.

Peugeot SR1 - LED headlights.

LED headlights.

Peugeot SR1 - LED headlights

LED headlights

The SR1 utilizes the HYbrid4 technology, the latest in Peugot’s hybrid drivetrain line that makes use of both petrol and electric. That means it derives its power from a 218bhp 1.6-litre petrol turbo in front, and a 95bhp electric motor on its rear wheels. With an average fuel consumption of 4.9 liters for every 100km and average carbon emission of 119 g/km, this roadster is quite impressive.

Peugeot SR1 - HYbrid1 Technology at Work.

HYbrid4 Technology at Work.

The interior is nothing to balk at, either. This three-seater (two in front, one on a centrally-mounted seat at the back) features a “black nickel” and satin-finished chrome interior, with wood and leather accents strategically interspersed among them. If you are worried that the passenger on the rear seat would be pressed for space, all you have to do is slide the front armrests.  The panel also comes with dials as well as an integrated housing for an exclusive wristwatch.

Peugeot SR1 - Three-seater.




Peugeot SR1 - Clever dials.

Clever dials.

No doubt about it, we are looking at the future of Peugeots, and looks like there isn’t a lot to dislike about it.

Peugeot SR1 - With the top down.

With the top down.