Agrovim Premium Olive Oil

The Limited Edition packaging of Agrovim Premium Olive Oil by Mouse Graphics

For over a decade, users of Greek olive oil from all the world have been enjoying the benefits of Agrovim olive oils from glass bottles. However, the limited edition premium olive oil calls for a more spectacular and cutting edge design, and so the Athens-based creative agency mousegraphics was called on to create a new, more cutting edge look for limited edition Agrovim Premium Olive Oil. The design foregoes the usual glass elements and makes use of a tin can instead.

Agrovim S.A. has been known for processing, packing  and distributing organic food products, most notable of which are olives and olive oils. With the introduction of the limited edition Agrovim Premium Olive Oil, the company, which is deeply rooted in Kalamata, Greece, knew that they need something different, a packaging that asserts itself of being different yet still embodying the qualities that make the olive oils of Agrovim S.A. the best in the world.

Agrovim Premium Olive Oil 01

Premium Olive Oil in a tin can

mousegraphics has certainly come up with an innovative design for one of the best food and olive oil companies in Greece, superimposing the product name in a white clear font face against the sleek silver finish of the tin can, which is shaped like a bottle. With the writings on the silver metallic can itself, you know you have the real deal.

Agrovim Premium Olive Oil

One drop is all it takes.

Although it has a bottle top and a cap, getting your olive oil from the can is as simple as tipping it slightly, and you’d immediately have drops of olive oil from the top edge. No mess, no fuss. Food connoisseurs will definitely appreciate the aesthetic value of the design, from the hygienic metallic look to the realistic-looking drop of oil on the top edge, seemingly denoting oil at its purest.

Agrovim Premium Olive Oil

Packaging for product differentiation.

Quoting Agrovim, they want a “premium quality visual differentiation” for the “premium quality product” that they offer to the “international high-end consumer”. Accordingly, the various varieties of the aromatic premium olive oil have their own packaging, clearly displaying their respective “flavours”.

Agrovim Premium Olive Oil

Tasteful packaging of the Agrovim packaging.

This packaging design won the Bronze award during the 2009 Epica Awards and the Silver at the 2009 Pentawards. It was presented in media kit using a sophisticated and no-frills box.

Agrovim Premium Olive Oil

Agrovim Premium Olive Oil Media Kit