Comeco Logo

Comeco Logo

COMECO is short for “Corfu Meat Company”. It is a business engaged in meat processing and distribution, and is based in Corfu. To come up with a logo befitting its high standards of product and service quality, they called on Chris Trivizas to do the honors.

Basically, the logo design is inspired by the top view of a pig. After all, COMECO is in the business of trading and processing meat, and the best representation of that is the pig.

Inspiration for the logo - Comeco

Inspiration for the logo

Symmetry is very important, since it evokes the company’s commitment to conducting its business in accordance with the orderly function and contemporary profile of the industry.

Symmetry and details - Comeco

Symmetry and details.

They used a color that closely resembles that of fresh meat.

Color inspiration - Comeco

Color inspiration.

Color palette - Comeco

Color palette.

The typography made use of the font CANNIBAL, and expresses validity, consistency, and reliability.

Font style: Cannibal - Comeco

Font style: Cannibal

The logo against the backdrop - Comeco

The logo against the backdrop.

Scales - Comeco


The old logo and the new logo - Comeco

The old logo and the new logo.

Letterhead - Comeco


Invoice - Comeco


Envelope - Comeco


Business cards - Comeco

Business cards.