Your true Italian coffee - Di Alpino

Your true Italian coffee – Di Alpino

Coffee shops on wheels are quite a novelty. You’d find yourself wanting to try it out in case there’s something special with it that you can’t find in other coffee shops. In Odessa, you can get true Italian coffee from these coffee trucks.

It has become so popular that there is now a need to assign a brand identity, one that would stand out and make one immediately go, “AH! It’s Di Alpino Coffee!”. Art Lebedev came up with this no-fuss, no-frills design.

Di Alpino coffee variants

Di Alpino coffee variants

At Di Alpino, there is something for everyone, and Art Lebedev reflected this through the use of colors, with each color representing the various coffee variants available.

Stained glass is a concept that is incorporated in the design, considering how color plays an important role in its brand identity.

Stained glass concept - Di Alpino

Stained glass concept

This logo will be seen on various merchandise and items used by Di Alpino Coffee, such as this tumbler.

Coffee to go! - Di Alpino

Coffee to go!

Packaging design - Di Alpino

Packaging design.

Cup and saucer set - Di Alpino

Cup and saucer set

Truth be told, this coffee on wheels just looked more tempting!

Coffee on wheels - Di Alpino

Coffee on wheels.