Afonso's iPad Concept

Afonso’s iPad Concept

In life, there is nothing more constant than change. Just look at how fast technology turns over. The newest gadgets today could very well be a thing of the past in a little over a couple of months. This can be credited to the brilliant minds that keep conjuring new inventions and coming up with newer innovations.

So is it any wonder, then, that already awe are being inundated with various concepts for this device or that gadget? One of the most buzzworthy of these, however, would be the iPad concept designed by Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso. Phew, quite a mouthful, isn’t it? And his iPad concept will give us quite an eyeful as well!

While the rest of the world continues speculating about what the next iPad would look like and when it would be released (including, also, its selling price, so we all could start saving and cutting down on our food expenses because, hey, we do have our priorities!), let us take a look at Afonso’s concept, regarded as the best one yet.

It’s sleek, it is definitely sexy, and look! It is transparent!!

Next iPad - A transparent iPad.

A transparent iPad.

The transparency certainly has its own charm, especially when you start working those apps you love so much.

Next iPad - A perfect backdrop for your apps.

A perfect backdrop for your apps.

Next iPad - The "sexiest" concept yet.

The “sexiest” concept yet.

There seems to be a trend going about as more and more of the newest gadgets are becoming thinner and lighter. iPad users who are particular with their colors would also be given the option between sultry black and subtle gray.

Next iPad - In gray.

In gray.

Next iPad - In black.

In black.

Of course, there’s still the camera function. (Imagine taking photos through a transparent iPad. That’s taking the “behind the lens” phrase to a whole new direction.

Next iPad - Take pictures.

Take pictures.

Next iPad - Snaps and snapshots.

Snaps and snapshots.

Next iPad - Speakers.


Now, imagine toting this beaut around.

Next iPad -A promising concept.

A promising concept.


The next generation of iPads...?

The next generation of iPads…?