The Bolshoi Theater

The Bolshoi Theater

The State Academic Bolshoi Theater of Russia, more commonly known as the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, is both historic and noteworthy in terms of its design and architecture. Located in Moscow, it holds ballet and opera performances and, to this day, remains to be one of the most famous and revered landmarks of Russia.

It also houses the Bolshoi Ballet and Bolshoi Opera, which count as one of the oldest and biggest ballet and opera companies in the world. Basically, the Bolshoi has become like a brand that is distinctly Russian. Therefore, there is a need for a logo that will embody its beauty, grace, and history. Art Lebedev took up  the challenge. 

It’s a no-brainer to incorporate the design of the facade of the theater itself in the logo. It boasts the image of the building designed by architect Joseph Bové.

The facade of the Bolshoi

The facade of the Bolshoi

Of course, a logo is supposed to be versatile, representative of the object of brand it represents, no matter what variation it is subjected to.

The Logo for small prints - Bolshoi Theater

The Logo for small prints

Even when subjected to colors and borders, the main image should still stand out.

Against a colored backdrop - Bolshoi Theater

Against a colored backdrop.

Logo for foreign and international presentation - Bolshoi Theater

Logo for foreign and international presentation.

Of course, nothing beats the impact the logo makes against a clean and white background, mostly used for formal purposes.

For formal use - Bolshoi Theater

For formal use.