Art by Miriam Escofet

Art by Miriam Escofet

Miriam Escofet’s degree in 3D design, focusing on ceramics, has made her branch out to another realm entirely: realism. And realism is definitely what one would see in every piece she churns out.

Miriam Escofet has earned her degree at Brighton College of Art, fully intending to focus solely on ceramics. Her foray into painting, however, opened more doors for her. It is easy to see what her influences are. All you need to do is look at her body of work to know that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Miriam Escofet Art

Escofet has many influences.

Architecture and art - Miriam Escofet

Architecture and art.

Sharing her love for ceramics - Miriam Escofet

Sharing her love for ceramics.


Putting her 3D skills to use - Miriam Escofet

Putting her 3D skills to use.

Lines and curves - Miriam Escofet

Lines and curves.


Classical period - Miriam Escofet

Classical period.

An attention to detail - Miriam Escofet

An attention to detail.


Depictions of the divine - Miriam Escofet

The Renaissance period.

Texture is paramount - Miriam Escofet

Texture is paramount.


Depictions of the divine - Miriam Escofet

As real as it gets.

Depictions of the divine - Miriam Escofet

Depictions of the divine.

Colors and more colors - Miriam Escofet

Colors and more colors.


Capturing nuances of life - Miriam Escofet

Capturing nuances of life.

Portraits - Miriam Escofet



Portraits - Miriam Escofet